2015_DanSilverman-58Hi, I'm Dan Silverman, the Miami Matchmaker and Dating Coach. Pessimists say that there is no such thing as a perfect person and while that is true, it's because all people have flaws. However, I believe there is a perfect person out there for you. Someone who shares mutual compatibility and attraction, someone who can handle all your craziness, bad habits, and dysfunctions, as well as someone who doesn't drive you completely mad. There is a perfect person out there for you and it's my job to find them! So, what's my deal? Why should you spend your hard earned money on my help when there are so many other matchmakers to work with? First of all, just do a brief search for reviews on these other matchmaking firms. It's not pretty. I am also the only locally specialized matchmaker in Miami. I do not work for a huge multinational corporation. I do not have robots that answer the phone. I don't use software to match people up arbitrarily. I roll up my sleeves and personally search for the perfect person for you. This means, I use any means necessary. I will create an online profile to search if you haven't already. I advertise to get high quality wife material to register to my database. I throw singles events. I even go to venues and places of interest that are likely to have the kind of women you are looking for. I keep my business cards on me at all times because the future woman of your dreams could just as easily be grocery shopping at the same store as I am.

If you are serious about finding an amazing partner for a long-term relationship or marriage, then you owe it to yourself to at least give me a call. This is my personal cell number. Not a call center in India nor someone who works under me. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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