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From the Desk of Dan Silverman,

The Miami Matchmaker and Dating Coach

Dear Friend,


You’re probably wondering how the heck someone becomes a dating coach or matchmaker. Let me tell you a brief history of my love life…


My very first girlfriend was in 1st grade. She broke up with me at the bus stop one day because I gave her flowers on Valentine’s Day. Silly, huh? In middle school, I wrote love notes to girls in class with a question on it like, “I like you, do you like me?” with an option to write a check for yes or no. My letters would always come back to me checked “no”. In high school, I was a star actor in theatre class and got a lot of lead roles. I finally began to get noticed by girls. Sometimes I’d manage to attract a girl, but they would get sick of me quickly because they just saw me as a friend. Some would lose respect for me and start treating me poorly hoping I would break it off with them.


I lucked out one day and finally got my first REAL girlfriend. I completely fell in love with her and dated her for about a year. Sadly, she wound up cheating on me with my best friend. It totally destroyed me in high school. Throughout high school and some of college, I experienced a lot of heartbreak and pain. Are some of these situations sounding familiar to you now as a grown adult? It’s not uncommon so don’t be surprised!

Are These Miserable Situations With Women Happening to You Now?

  • Constantly hearing the dreaded “Let’s Just Be Friends” line from most of the women you fall for.
  • Feeling intense anxiety at the thought of approaching an attractive woman.
  • Banging your head against the wall trying to use fake pick up lines and routines.
  • Staying home on the weekends feeling sorry for yourself.
  • You feel you don't deserve the kind of women you want or you aren't attractive enough.
  • Feeling the emotional vacuum of not having any dates for weeks or sometimes months and years.
  • Being led on only to be disappointed in the end, and sometimes being led on for several years.
  • Fearing that you’ll be lonely waiting for another girlfriend forever.
  • Missing your ex even though she treated you like a footrest.
  • Suffer complete confusion with the woman you love to the point that nothing you do makes her happy.

You Don't Have To Experience This Anymore!

Having experienced years of rejection, I vowed to do whatever it took to get my dating life handled. Throughout college, I read every book on dating I could find. I watched videos. I went to seminars. I even went out into the streets to practice meeting and dating women. I tried all the crap you’ve seen out there. I wore silly hats, I learned routines and pick up lines, I tried every system out there. I would go out and fail, fail, and fail. However, I didn’t stop. With every failure, I learned something new. I eventually realized the fundamental reasons for my failure and why all these systems and tricks weren’t working for me…


I wasn’t being true to myself and I wasn’t building real self-confidence.


I was faking like I was a great guy when I didn’t believe it. Once I developed my personality and turned myself into a great guy, it made approaching and dating women so much easier.


Because of my commitment to myself, I finally saw success. I no longer had to rely on luck to get the women I wanted. I no longer went to bed at night with that lonely feeling in the back of my head. When I was dating someone, I never put up with abuse because of a fear of not finding another woman for a long time. I knew I could go out and likely meet an attractive woman who I could potentially date.


Today, I am armed with the confidence and skills to approach a woman I’m interested in and make her my girlfriend. Don’t believe me? I was out making videos for my Youtube channel in 2012 showing my audience how to pick up women during the day time and it just so happened that…

I Approached, Attracted, and Got a Wonderful Girlfriend…

And It Was All Recorded!

We dated for over 4 years. Although we grew apart and moved on, it was a wonderful experience I would have never had if I didn't get out of the house, grab my balls, and approached her in the middle of JC Penney.

I Want To Teach YOU How To Have Choice In Who You Date Or Marry!

It took me years and years of hard work to get where I got because I didn’t have a dating coach there to guide me. I wish I did, but back then there were no dating coaches. Had I worked with a dating coach, it may have literally shaved years off the time it took training myself.


Seriously, do you have the time to spend years and years teaching yourself? Most of us as working adults, especially professionals, don’t have the time. Do you really want to wait that long to finally see results? If not, then dating coaching is absolutely the best way to help you find happiness and success with women.

  • So what does a dating coach do?

A dating coach helps you overcome your greatest obstacles, frustrations, and fears with women. A dating coach teaches you how to come across as confident and attractive to women. He goes out with you to social venues to help you meet women. He also helps you overcome your insecurities and negative attitudes about women that cause them to be repelled by you. A good dating coach will completely make you over so that you will naturally attract women. A great dating coach will allow you to keep your true personality and not sacrifice authenticity.

  • What’s the difference between matchmaking and dating coaching?

With matchmaking, I do the work of going out and meeting attractive women I find you compatible with and I set you up on dates with them. However, it may or may not work out and self-improvement is not the sole focus. It is also best for men who are already confident or good with women and are simply too busy to meet and date many women. Dating coaching helps improve your attractiveness by giving you the power to approach women you like and have options to decide who you would like to date. I will go out with you as your personal wingman and teach you how to meet women by repeatedly making you walk up to women and try getting dates. Both methods are effective in meeting the perfect woman. If you’d rather receive matchmaking instead, go to my matchmaking services page.

  • What’s the difference between me and all those famous pick up artist gurus?

I’m a normal healthy person. I have lived with two different long-term girlfriends. I don’t go out 5 days a week to pick up women because I have a life outside of pick up like salsa dancing, poker, cooking, relaxing at home, and working out. I don’t wear outfits that make me look like someone straight out of a circus. I have a positive healthy attitude about women, society, life, and happiness. I also coach women, possess a deep understanding of what women are looking for, and what frustrates them about men. My outer game techniques are based on the acting techniques I learned from my theatre degree and the psychological techniques I use are based on cognitive behavioral therapy, which is proven to rehabilitate people with depression, anxiety, and phobias. I don’t use NLP, new age psychobabble, or teach anything that can’t be practically applied. I have many close friends and have had long-term fulfilling relationships with women who loved me for me and not because of a fake persona. I don’t strive to be the best “pick up artist” in the world. I strive to be happy, and to have options in the women I date. I am trustworthy, ethical, and care about my students, some of whom are now great friends of mine. I may get “rejected” by women I approach and I admit it still happens frequently, but I don’t let it affect how I feel about myself on the inside because that's simply the nature of the game. I teach this same philosophy in my coaching by applying my “Thousand Dollar Bottle of Wine” technique.

What Can The Miami Dating Coach Do For You?

I can help you…

  • Discover how to meet and attract a beautiful, intelligent, and classy girlfriend.
  • Develop more lasting and fulfilling friendships with both men and women.
  • Become fearless around strangers and approach them with grace and ease.
  • Develop unstoppable confidence that attracts women naturally without relying on B.S. canned routines or pickup lines.
  • Discover the ability to start an engaging conversation with a complete stranger.
  • Cultivate the power to influence others.
  • Limit the influence of drama and negativity.
  • Start a brand new life from scratch, abundant with positive people, even if you just moved here, have no men in your life or no friends.
  • Finally get over your ex and move on.
  • Overcome approach anxiety and finally have fun approaching strangers.
  • Learn how to maintain a long-term fulfilling relationship.
  • Learn how to qualify a potential girlfriend.
  • Understand why women do the crazy things that make no sense.
  • Learn how to keep a conversation going for as long as you want and how to handle awkward pauses.

Many people have asked me to explain how I transformed my life…


Ready to Learn the Three Phases That Transformed My Love Life?

  • Phase #1 – Improve Your Inner Game First

When I first started, I tried using pick up lines. I used routines. I would wear ridiculous hats to try and get attention. I did almost everything under the sun, but I saw no success with technique because I didn’t feel I deserved an amazing woman. I didn’t feel confident. Women would see right through my BS routines. I would entertain women and get positive responses sure, but they wouldn’t wind up dating me. This is why most dating coaching companies have it all wrong. They teach you how to ACT like an attractive confident man, but not truly transform you into one. It wasn’t until I learned exactly how to build REAL confidence, which I developed into a system I call The Seven Steps to Inner Game Power.

  • Phase #2 – Improve Your Outer Game

Having the confidence to approach anyone significantly increased the amount of attention I received. I also began to learn the right ways to approach people. I learned how to confidently display body language and vocal tonality. I learned how to keep an interesting conversation going for hours and how to tell a story in a fascinating way. I have my theatre background to thank for that. I have been taking acting lessons since I was in middle school and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in theatre. Outer game is all about technique, what to say, and how to say it. I do not teach a method or a system. I coach you in bringing out your best self, eliminating nervous ticks, and developing confident communication skills that naturally attract women.

  • Phase #3 – Build a Lifestyle That Attracts the Kind of Women You Want

A huge epiphany that happened for me as I progressed was that there’s more to life than pick up. Having women in your life will not make you happy. If there is no depth, or you are manipulating women in an unethical way, you will develop terribly negative attitudes and beliefs about women and yourself. Also, if you ever want to keep women and friends in your life, you need to have a life outside of pick up. Normal, healthy people don’t go out just to pick up women every day of the week. Once you get good, you will come to a point where you will want to develop a life for yourself so that you can enjoy having an active, healthy, social life. It is through making new friends who have the same interests as you that will align your life with the kind of people you want around. This is also the best way to meet your next girlfriend.

If you’re looking to live the rest of your life as a pick up artist, seeking the validation of club chicks for the rest of your life, I’m probably not the guy to come to. I’m not going to teach you how to trick a woman into bed for one night. I’m not going to teach you how to fake like you’re an amazing guy with routines and personas. I AM going to teach you for the long-term. I’m going to teach you how to build your unique personality in an attractive way and bring out the naturally attractive guy inside you. I’m going to show you how to truly become a valuable guy; a man that an amazing woman who has her choice in almost any guy would choose over the others.

Real change requires dedication. I am not like other dating coaching companies that give you false hope, lie to the teeth to sell their services, and live destructive dysfunctional lives. Most of the guys who teach “PUA boot camps” have severe emotional and psychological problems, can’t keep relationships, can’t keep friendships, abuse drugs to mask their problems, are unbelievably insecure underneath their phony persona, or abuse women. I loath people like this, so I am unbelievably happy that you are deciding to work with me. You’re making a good decision.

But Don't Take My Word For It. Listen To My Client's Stories!

Dan knows what he's doing. I used to be clueless around women – but Dan taught me everything I needed to know, not just about approaching and talking to women, but developing an inner self-confidence that has improved my life all-around (not just in dating).

In fact, thanks to Dan, when I finally met the woman who'd become my wife, I was ready and able to receive her into my life. We're now happily married and expecting our first child. Thanks, Dan, for your mentorship and friendship.


I spent my entire life looking for that one perfect girl. I was tired of going to bars and clubs and searching for love on match making web sites. So I decided to give Dan a call, and it was the best decision I could ever make. After some intense confidence coaching over a weekend, I realized it was all in my head. He helped me find the woman I had been searching for my entire life. In less than 6 months of using his services I met the woman of my dreams and two years later we were happily married. For this I will always be grateful to Mr. Silverman.


I did not want to do this at 1st. I didn’t want to be one of those people who needed someone else to get them dates but I’d wasted so much time and energy on women who never made me happy, they weren’t right for me. Then Dan told me about this girl. He said I just Had to meet this one. He was right. There is no one out there for me like Isa, an if not for Dan I would have missed her. Thank you Dan for bringing her into my life.


I first approached Dan as a friend. As a single mother with a 60hr work week I simply didn’t have the time to seek whatever it was I was missing from my life. I had tried those dating sites before and was surprised at the bombardment of choices. Yet of all those “matches” not a single quality man emerged. So I gave up until Dan convinced me to leave it up to him. He not only knew me but knew what I truly needed. I’m glad I did. I finally have it all and I couldn’t be happier. Thanks Dan.


I’m the kind of guy who has a great personality, but only if you get to know me. The problem is that I clam up and get super shy around women I like. My shyness kept me from approaching women and meeting them when I would go out with friends. Thanks to Dan, he approached women for me and helped me get in a relationship with my current girlfriend who I have been with for over 3 years now. He really knows his stuff and I highly recommend anyone to use him. Thanks Dan!


I have known Dan and his business for almost 7 years when I first came to him as a client. I studied under him extensively and went out religiously using his in-field dating coaching services. When I first came to him, I had very little confidence and just got heartbroken by a woman who treated me like dirt. Years later, his coaching has helped me get involved with more women than I ever thought possible. I have had great experiences, a better social life, more friends, and more choice with women. Dan truly cares about each and every one of his clients and it shows. If you really want to take your dating life to the next level, you need to contact Dan. I’m hoping to meet a one special lady by the end of next year with Dan’s help.


Dan is a really good guy who is great at getting you out of your comfort zone. I had recently gotten out of a tough divorce and was suffering from depression and massive social anxiety. Dan was able to push me to start meeting new people, not just women, and develop a social circle. Fast forward a few years and I have been happily married for 4 years again to a great woman. I feel Dan is great for anyone down on their luck with the opposite sex. He will help you in your quest for love so that you can live a much happier life. I highly recommend his services!


I can not thank Dan enough for helping me re attract the love of my life. Without his advice I know for a fact that I would not have gotten nearly the same results and now I am happier than I have been in a long time!


I’m Joann Cohen and a Matchmaker in Scottsdale, AZ, and have worked with Dan professionally for 10 years. He’s knowledgeable, authentic and expert in relationships and making romantic connections that last.

Working with people from all walks of lives, Dan has been able to modify his communication to ensure that he’s understood and Clients receive their desired goals.
I refer to Dan for Clients in his area as I know he is ethical and effective. His Clients are meeting the type of singles they have want and skipping the online dating surprises.
Dan works personally with all of his clients and doesn’t use a third party for matching or communicating with his Clients. Dan Silverman is a Matchmaker who is with his clients every step of the way. This means, he really knows his clients and makes great matches. He introduces the right people – people who will be interested in each other and have the qualities necessary to have healthy relationships.

Dan isn’t just a Miami Millionaire Matchmaker. He works with Millionaires and non-Millionaires. You just need to be ready and listen to his advice. Dan is the Miami Matchmaker who knows his stuff!

I recommend Dan without hesitation for Singles looking to finally meet their live partners.

Joann Cohen

“Hey Dan,

I just wanted to thank you for all the advices received. They are really workin!!!!

I got myself a beautiful girlfriend and let me tell you she’s a 10. I’ll send you a couple of pictures!”

Johnny G

Knowing I made my girlfriend cry showed me that I was still very much an idiot. And that all the differences I was making was only in my outer game. I was still the same chump within. I was so disturbed that I worked with Dan in doing in-field work (worth every penny). He helped me identify what was going on inside of me and fixed my issues.


Dan, you gave me the ability that I always had in me. The power to talk to women and make them feel my presence. The ability to make them feel and realize that I am something. More than any man they’ve ever met.


Before I worked with Dan, I didn’t have the confidence to get out of my comfort zone as far as dating was concerned. Dan helped me to dramatically improve the way I project who I really am. If you’re tired of being shy and held back, this is a great way of getting comfortable with who you want to be. Thanks

Robert from Germany

Ok, I felt like I needed to get started with the whole pick-up scene. I’ve read a lot of books and referenced a lot of material and I thought the next step would be to go through some type of boot camp to get this fire started. Dan has been doing this thing for a while and it was helpful to be coached. Dan definitely pushed me further than if I would have done it myself. Dan is a cool guy I could definitely hang out with in the future and I really learned how to manage my self-defeating doubts and thoughts. I hope with his knowledge and my practice I can definitely be the guy I want to be in the future.


I flew in from Australia for school and took Dan’s 3 month long term coaching package. I spent the next six months in Miami having the time of my life much thanks to the success that Dan helped me enjoy. He helped open my eyes to what seemed like another world and boosted my confidence. I was doing things I didn’t even know I could do and felt absolutely amazing about this area of my life. I can not thank him enough for all the effort he put in. I even saved money on rent for the last month I was there because a lovely girl I met during my coaching let me stay with her.

Robert from Australia

Matchmaking Miami provides a unique approach to all other dating coaching services called “in-field coaching”. While other dating coaches work with you in an office only, I leave the safety of an office and coach you in the real world. I mean, think about it. How on earth are you supposed to learn how to meet more women by reading it in a book or listening to a person talk to you? You learn it by doing it! Long-term coaching consists primarily of in-field coaching in public places like shops, malls, bars, clubs, and local social events. Long-term dating coaching also provides you with confidence coaching and helping you improve your confidence with women. I offer a one month or a 3 month package. You can use your hours in person or over the phone for your convenience. If you are interested in my in-field dating coaching or phone/Skype coaching, please schedule your 1 hour initial consultation. I will be happy to discuss all the options after your initial consultation and recommend what I think is best for you. There are only so many clients I can work for at a time so you must start with an initial consultation so I know you are serious about coaching. I require this of all my clients, but I promise you will be enlightened in just one hour of coaching. I'm so confident that I can help you, that if you feel you have not learned anything from me, at the end of the call, ask me for a refund and I will give it to you.

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