Image Consulting with Sevilen Imagemaker

Personal Letter from Sevilen:

True to say that everyone makes an unconscious impression of themselves on others with the things they wear and the way they perform their image. Especially when it comes to first meeting/first impression. Expression of your individuality goes far beyond trends and accessories. But the clothing and accessories play the greatest role. As a fashion consultant I can suggest colors and looks. My goal is to create a sure connection between your inner self and your wardrobe to reveal true you and be loved for it.

I can help you with situational shopping sessions or will guide you in the transformation of your entire closet.

I will help you discover and bring to life your Personal style to empower you— having you feel more confident and nice. From the very first glance, your own style will capture attention and make a lasting impression. People will remember you, not the outfit.

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Let’s start with a shopping session, which includes meeting to set up goals and necessities and up to 3 hours shopping. In our shopping session, we will pick out outfits that look great for you on dates and for your online dating profiles. The cost for a shopping session is $500.

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