Looks VS Personality

A woman’s looks are very important to men.  It is easy to think that women are just the same.  After all, women always say they want a good looking guy.  Although looks never hurt and obviously help a guy get women, it is not the make or break factor in being attractive.  I know guys who are short, ugly, and have hot girlfriends.  I’ve had very good looking men come to me for dating coaching because they haven’t been on a date in years!  Looks can sometimes be a challenge for some men.  Their good looks can make women stereotype them as someone who can’t be taken seriously.  They also may intimidate women and scare them off.  If you are a good looking guy, obviously don’t try to ugly yourself down. Women aren’t so much concerned with your looks as much as your look, your vibe, and the energy you give off.  Do you present yourself as a bad boy or an adventurer?  An athlete or an actor?  Something exciting and fun that she wants to be a part of?  Or do you dress average or unkempt?  Do you look like a computer programmer or an accountant?  Perhaps you blend in with everyone else or look like someone that would bore her to tears if she spent a day with you.  These are some things to think about if you look at yourself in the mirror tonight! Good looks will get you more attention no doubt about it, but your personality is what is going to make a woman want to talk to you longer than five minutes.  It is all about how your personality makes them feel.  This is where game comes in, and if you want to learn how to project your positive personality traits to win over the women you desire, sign up for dating coaching
Dan Silverman,