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What Makes This Matchmaker So Successful At Matching People?

From the Desk of Dan Silverman, The Miami Matchmaker:

  Dear Mr. Busy Single Guy who says he has the worst luck in finding women who aren't gold-diggers,  insecure, baggage ridden, drama queens or a mix of all the above..., Whew! I tried to say all that out loud and almost lost my breath! I needed to because it's therapy for me. Know why? Because...

I've Gone Through The Drama Of Being With The Wrong Women Too!

Let's just say I've had my fair share of dating a lot of the wrong women. It wasn't always that way. I was the biggest dork in high school and most of college. I would play Starcraft or Road Rash with my friends in my free time and didn't have much of a love life. It wasn't until the sting of a very bad heartbreak that got me to work on becoming more attractive to the opposite sex. I got better. I got so good at it, that I was dating a lot and finally had choice in who I wanted to date rather than just take whoever gave me attention. I then founded Miami Dating Coach LLC. and it became my professional job in grad school teaching men and women how to get more dates and become more attractive. But that was just the beginning of my story. Just because I could meet a lot of women, didn't mean I didn't have my fair share of HUGE mistakes. There were a couple of women I dated that I even had to call the police on. Yeah, some would say I like crazy women. However, I am a positive person and don't believe that anything I did was a mistake. Because I learned a valuable skill in life that I can now use to find you your perfect woman.

I Know How To Screen Women!

I know the patterns of behavior and tall tale signs of a dysfunctional woman under those beautiful smiling faces. I can tell within the first 5 minutes of meeting someone how they think, feel, see the world, and expect from a partner.


How do I do this?


First of all, I strongly believe that matchmaking is in the blood. You have to have a strong intuition about people. Considering my sister is an extremely successful psychologist in San Diego and my father is a 35 year long clinical and forensic psychologist in Miami, and former president of the Florida Psychological Association, I'd say understanding and reading people with psychic accuracy runs in my family.


There are, however, some rules I always follow:

  • 1

    Opposites may attract but values cannot be compromised.

    If you want children, but your woman does not, it will never work out. If you are the type to save money and your woman is a spendthrift, you will have a lot of tension financially. If you enjoy outdoor activities, but your woman is more of a homebody, you two will grow very bored of each other. These are basic examples of what I am trying to get across, because it goes way deeper... If you see yourself as a modern man and want a woman who you feel is an equal, you will have constant fights with a woman who is old fashioned and idealistic. You will constantly upset her over your ideas of equality, sharing of responsibilities, and she will upset you because she won't be happy. She wants to fill a support role in the relationship. Did I lose you on that one? Don't worry about it. It's my job to understand these things and find you a match. Not you, right?

  • 2

    Chemistry and long term compatibility are NOT the same thing.

    A skilled matchmaker must balance attraction with long term compatibility. Just because you feel like you are in love with someone when you first meet them doesn't mean you won't be going bald after 6 months with her. Oftentimes what we respond to sexually is not what is good for us in the long run. It's kind of like eating a triple bacon cheeseburger. It looks, smells, feels and tastes so good... but if you ate it every day, it will kill you.

  • 3

    You need to be your best, confident, honest, open self you can possibly be when you meet your match or you will lose her forever.

    Oftentimes, when men go to approach women they find attractive, they are so scared that they come off super creepy or they don't approach at all. When I do dating coaching with men, this happens so often it's astounding and women are frustrated that good men don't approach them. It's usually the jerk that approaches, particularly here in Miami. But you're not a jerk. You either don't have enough time to meet women, or you aren't the kind of guy that likes to go out all the time to pick up women. To meet that "catch", you know, that "one out of a thousand" woman, you need to meet a thousand women. Well guess what?

I Will Shamelessly Approach Women Anywhere For You!

It's true! I have no shame. I will approach women anywhere and anytime. I meet people every time I go out. As a dating coach, I teach people how to do this. But for you, that may not be possible. Maybe you would just like to sit back and let me do all that hard work for you. It's very hard work, yet fun for me. More importantly, I'm good at it!


Very good at it.

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Now if I can do this for myself, it's a lot easier to do it for you.

Why My Matchmaking Service Far Surpasses The Quality Of Other Matchmakers In Miami:

  • I am a Miami native. I have lived here almost all my life. I know this city and I know where different kinds of people congregate. As a Miami native, I know exactly where to go to find the kind of women you are looking for. I did a Google search for "Matchmakers in Miami" and not a single one of them have a listed main address here in Miami.
  • I am not a national or multinational corporation. I am the sole owner of my company. You won't have to talk to robots, you won't have to go through 3 to 17 people to reach me and you will meet me in person. I am almost always available and you will have my personal number to contact me. We will get to know each other very well. You will invite me to your home to criticize your decor choices and how it scares women off. I will be there with you through your journey to find the right woman and help you understand any dating situation you are in.
  • I use personalized, unconventional methods to find matches. I personally walk up to women I know you will find physically attractive and I screen them. I use Social Media, your online dating profiles, and my website to attract eligible women. You have unlimited matches within the time frame of your matchmaking package. That is guaranteed. I want to make sure you don't waste your time and every woman you get set up with with help us both find a better match for you.
  • I am a veteran and skilled dating coach. Most matchmakers think they give good dating advice. I have rarely heard solid advice for men come out of matchmakers' mouths. Most matchmakers haven't been out in the field studying the art of attraction and what dating is like for men like I have for so many years now. Most female matchmakers simply can't relate to the guy experience and you will only get that from a male matchmaker.

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Complete your questionnaire first so I can get some basic information about you. After you finish your questionnaire, give me a call! Your initial session will take place on the phone with me. Call me at the number above and we can set up a time for your chat. I just may be free to talk to you when you call me!

My basic package for matchmaking starts at $7,000. This service is for busy and successful professionals. If you want a service that is more affordable, check out my dating coaching page.


Due to the intense amount of personalized work I do for my matchmaking clients, I can only take a limited number of men each year. If we decide that we are a great fit to work together and I know I can help you, we can meet in a public place for dinner, drinks, or coffee so you can tell me all the details of your dating history and past relationships. We can also meet in the comfort of your own home. This session will be all about you and getting to know you on a very deep level. We will discuss topics like your dating history, previous relationships, mistakes, learning experiences and what you ultimately want in a woman. By the end of the assessment, you will know exactly what kind of woman you need and how to go about finding her as well as making yourself as attractive as possible to that kind of woman.

If you would rather learn how to be your own matchmaker, learn how to go out yourself, and meet women on your own, check out my dating coaching services for men.

May you find love and happiness,

Dan Silverman The Miami Matchmaker