Stop Sifting Through The Endless Jerks And Let Me Match You With Mr. Right!

From the Desk of Dan Silverman, The Miami Matchmaker:


Dear Ms. I Can’t Find a Single Decent Man in Miami,

Look, I can agree that there are not a tremendous amount of good men in the city of Miami, but there are many of them whom I personally met and coached. But in reality, the reason why you are still single is not because men are jerks… but because

You Badly Need Help Screening Men!

As a teenager, I watched my older sister make mistake after mistake when we were growing up, not to mention every single pretty girl I ever had a crush on. I got pretty good at watching the patterns and behaviors of bad boyfriends. Not just with my sister but with my friends. I saw how my sister and my female friends suffered. I wondered why they kept going back to them!

I realized it was because these bad boys were masculine and stimulating. They weren’t pushovers like all the nice guys that chased them. The problem is that these bad boys were players and emotionally unavailable. They weren’t looking to settle down. They had no idea how to keep a successful relationship even when they genuinely liked my sister or my girl friends. Another huge problem is that all the guys who were considered “great catches” were either taken or gay.

Now that we are all grown up, it seems women are in the same situation, but worse. However, what women don’t understand is that there are great catches out there looking for a great woman like yourself. They are everywhere actually. You just have to know how to find and screen them. You don’t have to choose between the abusive bad boy or the boring nice guy!


It’s true! You know why? Because...

I Know How To Screen For The Elusive Good Man!

I can sniff out a jerk the moment he walks into my office and I refuse to work with these men. In Miami, it’s a particularly good skill set to have. These men also receive dating coaching from me to thin out any flaws that may prevent them from meeting their perfect woman. Unfortunately, I do not take female clients, but I do take male clients. Only male clients interested in a long term relationship.


So how do I do I screen men?


First of all, I strongly believe that matchmaking is in the blood. You have to have a strong intuition about people. Considering my sister is an extremely successful psychologist in San Diego and my father is a 35 year long clinical and forensic psychologist in Miami, and former president of the Florida Psychological Association, I’d say understanding and reading people with psychic accuracy runs in my family.


There are, however, some rules I always follow:

  • 1

    Opposites may attract but values cannot be compromised.

    Men, much more so than women, do not change. Change takes a lot of dedication and sacrifice and most people, particularly men, are unwilling to put in the effort. No, your love will not change him. You should have learned that lesson long ago with your ex boyfriend! If you want children, but your man does not, it will never work out. If you are the type to save money and your man is a spendthrift, you will have a lot of tension financially. If you enjoy outdoor activities, but your man is more of a homebody, you will grow very bored of him. These are basic examples of what I am trying to get across, because it goes way deeper… If you see yourself as a modern woman and want a man who you feel is an equal, you will have constant fights with a man who is old fashioned, conservative, and idealistic. You will constantly upset him over your “domineering and controlling” ideas of equality, sharing of responsibilities, and he will upset you because he won’t be happy. He wants you to fill a support role in the relationship.   Did I lose you on that one? Don’t worry about it. It’s my job to understand these things and find you a match. Not you, right?

  • 2

    Chemistry and long term compatibility are NOT the same thing.

    A skilled matchmaker must balance attraction with long term compatibility. Just because you feel like you are in love with someone when you first meet them doesn’t mean you won’t be tearing your hair out after 6 months with him. Oftentimes what we respond to sexually is not what is good for us in the long run. It’s kind of like eating a double fudge chocolate chip cookie cake. It looks, smells, feels and tastes so good… but if you ate it every day, it will kill you.

  • 3

    You need to be your best, confident, honest, open self you can possibly be when you meet your match or you will lose him forever.

    Oftentimes, when a woman meets a man she likes, she feels she has to play games or behave according to some rules she read in a magazine or book. This immediately puts men off, and just as quickly, removes you from the potential girlfriend category in his mind.

Why My Matchmaking Service Far Surpasses The Quality Of Other Matchmakers In Miami:

  • I am a Miami native. I have lived here almost all my life. I know this city and I know where different kinds of people congregate. As a Miami native, I know exactly where to go to find the kind of men you are looking for. I did a Google search for “Matchmakers in Miami” and not a single one of them have a listed main address here in Miami.
  • I am not a national or multinational corporation. I am the sole owner of my company. You won’t have to talk to robots, you won’t have to go through 3 to 17 people to reach me and you will meet me in person. I am almost always available and you will have my personal number to contact me. We will get to know each other very well. You will invite me to your home to criticize your decor choices and how it scares men off. I will be there with you through your journey to find the right man and help you understand any dating situation you are in.
  • I use personalized, unconventional methods to find matches. I personally walk up to men I know you will find attractive and I screen them. I use Social Media, your online dating profiles, and my website to attract eligible men. You have unlimited matches within the time frame of your matchmaking package. That is guaranteed. I want to make sure you don't waste your time and every man you get set up with with help us both find a better match for you.
  • I am a veteran and skilled dating coach. Most matchmakers think they give good dating advice. I have rarely heard gold advice come out of matchmakers’ mouths. Most of them give generic advice they heard on TV. As a 10 year veteran dating coaching, I can give you step by step advice as well as the "why" behind it.

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My basic package for matchmaking starts at $7,000. This service is for busy and successful professionals. If you want a service that is more affordable, check out my dating coaching page.


Due to the intense amount of personalized work I do for my matchmaking clients, I can only take a limited number of people each year. I take on even fewer female clients. If we decide that we are a great fit to work together and I know I can help you, we can meet in a public place for dinner, drinks, or coffee so you can tell me all the details of your dating history and past relationships. We can also meet in the comfort of your own home. This session will be all about you and getting to know you on a very deep level. We will discuss topics like your dating history, previous relationships, mistakes, learning experiences and what you ultimately want in a man. By the end of the assessment, you will know exactly what kind of man you need and how to go about finding him as well as making yourself as attractive as possible to that kind of man.

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May You Find Happiness,

Dan Silverman

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