The Nice Guy and the Jerk

Are you sick of having to choose between the same types of guys? On the far left end, you have the lovable loser “nice guy.” You know, the one that is so sweet to you and says all the nice things you’ve always wanted to hear, calls you six times a day, cries on your shoulder, always lets you make the decisions, would jump off a cliff for you, lets you put a leash on him, allows you to walk all over him, bores you to death, is utterly predictable, and has no idea how to please you in bed. On the far right end, you have the stereotypical “jerk.” The kind of guy you always complain about with your friends. This is the guy you complain to the lovable loser above about. He dresses well, is adventurous, keeps you on emotional highs, doesn’t call you enough, cheats on you, lies to you, sometimes abuses you, isn’t going anywhere in life, isn’t stable, knows exactly what to do to turn you on, and drives you wild in the bedroom. Don’t you wish you could take those two men and combine all of their good traits into a solid center? Men like that exist out there in the world, but there are as few men like that as there are gorgeous, intelligent, sweet, stable women for men, and the only woman a man like that would want and deserve is a woman who is gorgeous, intelligent, sweet, and stable. I can help you become that kind of woman. But most even more so, teach you how to find and attract this type of man. Game isn’t just for men. What’s female game? Would you like to learn how to meet and attract these type of men? Sign up for dating coaching and find out how.
Your Matchmaker and Dating Coach,
Dan Silverman