What Women Like in Men

There are so many things in what women like in men, that the list could go on forever. When figuring out what’s most important in what women like in men, you should focus on the first time she sees you, since oftentimes, you won’t get a second chance if you make a bad impression. As soon as you begin a conversation with a new woman, she immediately sizes you up and subconsciously determines your attractiveness. This is why a good fashion style is so important for first impressions. It can really get you in the door. A great sense of style is high on what women like in men. Sometimes, she will see you and think you’re hot. Sometimes, she will see you and think you’re a loser. Most of the time, she will be somewhere in between. No matter where she puts you, you still need to know how to develop solid rapport and attraction. This is where you tell stories, display your talents, tease playfully, and show how cool of a guy you are. Nothing turns on a woman more than a man who can carry on an emotionally stimulating conversation. The important thing to understand is in what women like in men is not so much physical appearance like height, strength, or hair color. Sure they carry some importance, but if the guy lacks game, he will eventually lose her interest after a few minutes of conversation. When a man sees a woman, he is attracted to her or repelled by her before he can even think about it, just like a light switch. Women, on the other hand, are like volume knobs, feeling more and more or less and less attracted as she continues conversation with you. How do you know when you have her attracted? You know this when she displays some indicator of interest. This could be anything from playing with her hair, asking you what your name is, staying and talking with you while her friends are leaving, or a million other things. The great thing is that the majority of what women like in men can be learned or developed! This is the bulk of what I teach in my Miami dating service. I will teach you how to show the attractive parts of your personality and teach you how to develop your conversation style in an attractive way. I’ll teach you the most important aspects in what women like in men. I’ll also teach you how to identify when a woman is showing interest, or even when they may be faking interest. Do me a favor by liking and sharing this article on your social media pages!
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