What Women Want in a Man

Do you know what women want in a man? It can be ridiculously confusing since most women say what women want in a man is exactly the opposite of what they tend to be attracted to. On a fundamental level, what women want in a man is someone who is in control of himself and his reality, a man with no insecurities. What women want in a man is someone who is comfortable in his own skin and in hers, a man who knows what he wants and how to get it. A man who knows what to say, when to say, and how to say it, these are what women want in a man. Women generally do not know how to express what women want in a man. You often hear them say things like, “I want a guy that can make me laugh.” Women don’t date clowns, though. You hear them say, “I want a nice guy who treats me like a princess.” Yet women always seem to go for the jerks and never give guys who are nice to them a chance. Women are trying to think logically when they talk about what women want in a man, but their emotions are attracted to something totally different. When a woman talks about what women want in a man, they are imagining a guy that they are already attracted to. They describe characteristics about the guy that they wish they could change. Remember that women are always out there looking for the wild warrior and trying to tame him with the strength of their feminine heart. Most romance novels are written in this fashion. That is the feminine mission and their challenge in life. Provide that for them. But, don’t ever become tame or else her mission is over and she will venture to find new and more exciting opportunities. This can also explain why so many women stay in dysfunctional relationships. Many women want to fix broken men. It makes them feel like they have purpose. I see this far too frequently once a guy settles down into a relationship. Many men think the game is over after that. The game is never over, so don’t get lazy if you want to keep that wonderful woman in your life. Continue to provide her with a challenge, and don’t change who you were when you first attracted her. What women want in a man can be very complicated, but what they are most attracted to is a challenge. A man who is in control of his reality and brings her in for an adventure. A man who can only be tamed with her love, but he is never truly tamed, only sometimes. Women always seem to be meeting men from two far sides of the spectrum, the nice guy and the jerk. You don’t have to be a complete jerk to attract women. In fact, it’s unhealthy. You will attract women with low self esteem who will drown you with drama. Consider taking dating coaching from me and I’ll teach you what women want in a man and how to give it to them without the abuse. Do me a favor by liking and sharing this article on your social media pages!
Your Matchmaker and Dating Coach,
Dan Silverman